PDM Advisors (PDM) is a sole proprietorship based in Wilton, NY.  The owner, Peter D. Maynard, is available to meet or talk to clients 7 days a week.  The client will not struggle with 800 numbers, play phone tag, have questions left unanswered, or have to suffer the poor customer service that we are all familiar with.  The phone number for PDM is the personal cell phone of the owner and should I be on the phone when you call, your call will be returned immediately.  There is no staff to get between you and your financial advisor.  The same applies to e mail.  My cell phone is e mail capable so quick response to any question or concern is assured.

Individuals and the Self Employed

Individuals may have IRA Rollovers from previous employers, taxable accounts to meet future financial goals, or Roth IRAs to add to retirement income.  All of these types of accounts are currently part of PDM’s business.  The process begins with a consultive meeting to determine if the client and myself are a good fit.  Many people are concerned about an advisor taking responsibility for constructing and monitoring a person’s financial portfolio.  I am concerned about having a client that I am comfortable with in a business relationship.  So, this meeting is about assessing the comfort level between the two parties.  A discussion about the potential goals, risk tolerance, and overall feelings about investing that the potential client may have is essential for building the foundation of a relationship.  The goal of a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is to have an ongoing relationship and not one based on a one time commission based sale.  The final step, should we get to that point, is for the Advisor to begin the paperwork to transfer the portfolio to TD Ameritrade and a discussion about how to allocate it.  Learn more about how an Advisor adds value.

Small Businesses

One of most common retirement plans for businesses under 100 employees is the SIMPLE IRA plan.  Many small businesses want to offer a retirement plan to attract and retain good employees. The advantage of the SIMPLE IRA is there is no cost to the employer to set up and administer the Plan, beyond the matching contributions.  PDM will do all the paperwork necessary, conduct the employee education session, do the enrollment paperwork for the individual employee, help the employee choose the investments appropriate to their situation, and then conduct onsite follow-up on a regular basis going forward.  There are many well known financial firms which sell SIMPLE IRAs.  I urge any business thinking of offering this employee benefit to compare PDM to the competition for Service, Cost, and Investment Philosophy.